UCF Arts Complex

Orlando, Florida

The UCF Performing Arts Complex II Phase I is the first phase of a new state-of-the-art academic and performance center located on the campus of the University of Central Florida. Phase I involves the construction of the academic wings of the music and theater facilities. The two multiple story structures feature large general classrooms, multiple teaching and rehearsal rooms, specialty studios and labs for acting and music, ensemble rooms, recording studios, a light lab, design classrooms, a theater computer lab, and faculty offices.

The most challenging aspect of the design and construction of this phase of the project was the lateral and horizontal isolation of acoustics between adjacent, sound-sensitive areas. Massive multi-layer gypsum assemblies, sound isolating mechanical devises, and specialty noise controlling, spray-applied insulations were utilized in the partitions and ceilings to isolate a full spectrum of sound from adjacent areas. The facade of both buildings primarily features a custom designed two color fiber cement panel system with various aluminum trim accents.